Sunday, 17 February 2008

I'm dead via mustard gas hat-Hat attack

Well I received my hat from my assassin from ravelry and it seems I am dead!

This is a lovely little mustard gas death hat, unfortunately it just doesn't fit anyone! I even tried it on baby Logan 10 months old ( His head is 18 1/2 inches in diameter)and whilst it will pull on his head it jumps back off like a little rocket as it tries to pull itself small again-lol.
Pretty funny to watch actually! So anyway i am unable to take a picture of me wearing it as it pops off before anyone can click the camera. It is made from lambspride worsted

It measures 6 and 1/2 inches across the brim and point to brim and unfortunately it doesn't stretch very well-pops back amost immediately when stretched to put on a head

Anyway there is ALWAYS a silver lining!

This little hat is going off to America on a big trip to have a new home on a little girls teddy bear and she is really excited looking forward to it arriving which makes everything much happier and I made some new friends online through it all as well.

Hat Attack

I decided to enter a game called hat attack where the pattern is released at a certain time and we all race to knit as fast as we can and post the hat off to our Target, whilst trying to beat our own assassin from killing us with a hat-lol.
The hat is gorgeous and was designed especially for this game and it is based on binary numbers with no cable representing 0 and cables representing 1 in binary code.
Here is the hat I made for my Target called Sunshinesbetter on ravelry, I had to knit my hat and get it off to Singapore. On the weekend of the pattern release I waited up until 1.30 am on Sunday morning which is when it came through to Australia and 1st thing I notice is it uses long tail cast on which I have never done!! So I printed it off and went to bed ready to start fresh in the morning. I woke up after being woken every 30 minutes all night by the baby, to find that miss 4 had developed another kidney infection and was pretty miserable and cuddly and Cassi was feeling sick and under a lot of stress about test results from her oncologist, also Hubby had preexisting plans to go out, so I sat and watched a dvd my daughter miraculously produced which I had previously bought for her which showed how to do the long tail cast on. I then got started in fits and bursts through the day to try and get it down under less than perfect circumstances. I also had managed to make a couple of the children new hats whilst swatching to get correct guage for the hat attack hat which was good . Here is a picture of it on Cassi and 1 of it laid out to see it properly. I hand dyed the wool.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Children are all back at school and Bella starts Kinda tomorrow afternoon

Well its that time of year where we are all systems go with routines and getting everyone up and out the door for school/kinda/work, I thought I would pop up some back to school 1st days pictures up and blogger wont let me add them to the previous post for some reason so here they are!