Saturday, 15 December 2007

Dying to have some fun

My first attempt at dying wool and what I made from it!

I took some natural cream wool and tried 3 different dye techniques i thought up-lol. 1st I just tied into a hank and dyed in the microwave in the solution, 2nd I laid out on cling wrap and used a syringe to squirt dye over the piece allowing colours to bleed together and being darker in some and the 3rd I made very definite and deliberate gaps to leave some wool the natural colour and some light and dark. I used food dye and vinegar.

I then knit them into this soaker which still needs some finishing-cuffs and some embroidery on the tushy!

Logans hoodie is finished

Hi all, I had a few minutes to myself this morning and finally finished seaming Logans hoodie. It is Debbie Bliss hooded sweater from special knits in size 9-12 months. It is made from Cashmerino aran in Teal and it is SO nice and soft to snuggle him in.