Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Birthday Bear

So it was almost Logans 3rd birthday and we were in town so I took him to build a bear and he chose his very own birthday bear, Big sister jen took some pictures of him along the way-too sweet :0)

here he is handing his bear to the lovely assistant

Filling bears legs, Logan has his foot on the pedal

and the other leg

Jen asked Logan to look at her for a picture, doesn't his look say "Can't you see I am busy , but I will do it anyway-lol

Teddy having the hug test to check he is cuddly enough, he passed :0)

rubbing teddy's heart to make it warm and full of love, the assistant was SO lovely

Wishing on Teddy's heart (Isn't he gorgeous?)

Placing teddy's heart all warm with love and happy birthday wishes inside him, we also added a voice chip which sings "happy Birthday"

Logan is pleased at final hug check time :0)

Giving teddy an air bath and brush

smiling for the camera, whilst brushing and keeping his foot on the air pedal

full of thoughts here

filling in the birth certificate, for Theodore bear

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

#42 red socks for Logan

Logan asked me for red socks on Sunday, so here they are. The bottom sock has already been worn around the yard with no shoes as when I tried it on him, he could not bring himself to take it off again :0) I washed it and dried it and he wore it to bed ( I slipped it off for a quick picture) when he wakes in the morning he will have 2 :0)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I finished and love how it turned out :0)

Voila, it's finished and i love it :0)

Lion Brand Natures choice organic cotton in Strawberry and walnut colours :0)

#41 a little dress

This is a little dress I am working on, no pattern just making it up as I go along to suit the yarn.It is in my last 2 balls of Lion brand organic cotton-Just a pleasure to knit with in every way, supersoft, fast, and lovely colours as well, These are strawberry and walnut; I hope to finish this one tonight :0)

#40 peachy socks

These little socks are from a pattern called jelly bean baby socks on the spud & chloe blog and written by Susan B Anderson of itty bitty knits fame

they turned out so sweet, although I made them an inch shorter as I wanted them to fit a newborn to match the little peasch soaker I had already made :0)

I have caught up on all my projects from this year now and hopefully can stay that way :0)


#37 A cardi #38 A hat & #39 A vest

i have been playing around making up my own patterns instead of just following other peoples work, okay I was in bed unable to stand to look at the computer or a book and my hands were desperate to knit and this is what I came up with :0)
I had 4 skeins of this gorgeous soft lion branfd oraginc cotton but only 1 of each colour, so this is what I came up with for the pistachio and almond colours :0)
I wish I had more I could just knit this yarn for days at a time it is so soft, not like knitting cotton at all!
Oh and the little buttons are so sweet, The say i love you on them and they are made of wood :0)

#35 and #36 swap knitting

these are just so sweet :0)

#34 seashell neckwarmer

a gift for someone special :0) Still deciding on buttons.

#33 denim blues

A cute little hat for a friend's baby :0)

#32 Oh Boy

This is so loud! another little hat for charity :0)

#31 bold and bright

The charity required acrylic, I have very little so this is a little bold and bright but hopefully someone will like it and think it is funky and it will keep their baby warm :0)

#30 baby blue

another hat for charity

#29 charity blues

a little hat for charity :0)

#28 black is black

I recently participated in a black swap and I made this little scarfette for my swap pal

And here is picture of everything I sent in her parcel, I hope she likes it all :0)

#27 circus stripes

It seems I am knitting my way through Amanda Keeyes baby hat book, here is another one :0)
Again the yasrn is dyed by me with kool aid :0)

# 26 Butterfly garden

This little hat came about as I wanted to be able to use this last tiny bit of the pink yarn I had dyed up, I think it worked well :0)

#25 blue and green should ALWAYS be seen

I love how these colours work together :0) Yarn is soft haze dyed with kool aid once again

#24 snow bunny

This hat is called snow bunny and it is just so soft ands snuggly, I dyed the colours with kool aid :0)

#23 kool aid candy beret

This is the hat that got me dying soft haze with kool aid, I was really pleased with the colours I came up with :0)

#22 pink ruffles

I knit this from some Patons Soft Haze which I dyed with koolaid, I love how it came out all shimmery and the lovely ribbon came from the leftovers a lovely swap partner had sent along with my parcel for the ribbon hat swap on itty bitty knitters

#21 Pixie in pink

This is so scrumptious in real life, the yarn is so soft and lucious, it is cleckheaton merino supreme :0)

#20 a simple washcloth

I needed something very simple-LOL

#19 English Garden soaker

How sweet is this little one, it's the same make up as the vanilla creme but I used a smaple I received in my ewe beaut sample box called English garden from hawthorne cottages yarn and it is english leceister and corriedale, The little heart embellishments came about as I just couldn't bear to waste any of the little sample :0)

#18 Vanilla creme

There is something so precious about simple lines and plain cream for a new baby, this is one I made up whilst sick in bed unable to read or look at the computer

#17 Dragon nundle

I used the last bits of the greens from the green dragon soaker for trim on this soaker, I am trying to knit through complete balls for a 100 ball challenge this year in a group I belong too, I am aiming a bit higher though as I am going so well, maybe 300 complete balls?

#16 Peach dragon

I was on a bit of a soaker kick as I was pretty sick and couldn't concentrate on much else other than soakers and then hats. The trim for these was out of a sampler box and I think it looks great :0)

#15 green dragon

This is so tiny, I don't usually use black in baby knitting but I think it works with these greens :0)

#14 snapdragon

A sweet little soaker

#13 A dress for Isabella

A size 7-9 dress for Bella in pink, pink, pink :0)
A dress for Bella in size 7-9 in pink, pink, pink :0)