Wednesday, 30 January 2008

New School year and their OFF!

Well today is day 1 of term 1 for school 2008!
My darlings have all gone off happily and excited to catch up with friends etc.
Miss Bella and Logan are having a lovely quiet play together and the dishes are done, washing is on, and tons hung out already. We have some cooking fun and colouring planned for our day as well as maybe finding Miss Bella's bedroom? I will add pictures of the children in their uniforms this morning a little later when Logan naps.
Have a nice day all you mums out there missing your babies!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

F O galore

I have been busy knitting away these last few weeks and my camera died so no pictures to blog-kik, Now I can start to catch up on them again.
Okay, so we have a chunky knit jumper in neutral brown tones, a white boat necked sweater from baby knits for beginners, a pair of socks and a striped hat for Logan, hat now finished and awaits a pom pom, white jumper finished, socks finished and pefect fit too.