Monday, 21 April 2008

How hard can it be to take a picture?

We have to get pictures of everyone for passport applications and please I ask you

"How hard can it be?"

Let me answer for you, extremely hard to get a child to look straight ahead, without smiling too much and no shadows and eyes open etc. the list goes on, I dont know whether to show you the good ones or the funny ones?

I think I will go with the funny ones-LOL
Look at the mug shots-lol
I look gaunt and deathly ill
Keith looks like a clown
Logan says Give me the camera!
Bella looks so sweet, but not meeting passport photo requirements at all!
Alex looking bored
Maddi looks perfect but too far away
Rohan-well what can I say?
I think we will try again tomorrow!

Logan has another pair of longies

I managed to knit until I only had 1cm left on 1 leg on our drive yesterday and I finished these last night-Logan thinks they are great!

Sadly I ran out of wool so no cute cargo pockets on these as I had planned.

They still look great and seem very comfortable and slim fitting, no drawstring and they stayed up well all day!
Logan also likes mummas purse

Sunday, 20 April 2008

A country drive, airplanes, boats and beach!

Bella at Hasting jetty
Keith and Logan
Alex and Rohan looking at a jelly fish
My beautiful children all in a row
Pretty Boats all in a row
Daddy and Logan playing at Tooradin airfield
Logan discovers the bark on the ground isn't really comfortable to crawl on
Rohan gives Bella a swing
Alex is big enough to swing himself now
Logan and I have a cuddle before heading back to the car

We had a lovely drive today to Tooradin airfield where we watched the planes and the children had a play on the climbing frame and Logan had a swing.

I even managed to get hubby to take a picture of me! Not the best as the sun was very bright in my eyes-lol

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I have had nice knitting mail!

I have received two lovely knitting related parcels this week.

1st there is an order from the Fibre and Yarn company which consists of lots of pretty wools(these are my easter and mothers day gifts to myself-lol)

And there is also an order of lovely knitting brochures and books from Rowan

I am of course now broke and will have to wait until my birthday in July before buying anything else, I had ordered these before saying I wont buy anything else as well. and there is sock yarn and I have it on reliable authority that sock yarn isn't stash and well theres wool for soakers and longies and they are definitely NEEDS not wants1 And I really wanted to test the Astrakhan before committing to buying enough for a jumper pattern I want to make so I thought I will get some white and make a toy shepp to try it on rather than just a boring swatch-LOL

and the books well what can I say I love to read and they are so lovely and the patterns are gorgeous.

Time for a knitting update :-)

Sorry I have been lost for a little bit, I have been wanting to post for a few days but Logan has been a bit unwell and needing lots of mummy time.

He is smiley and happy this morning though as you an see in his picture modelling his new pants.

I have finished a couple of pairs of longies lately

Here are my Autumn longies, they are the 4th pair of sheepy pants I have made.

I have made my 1st ever scarf and I made it for my mum and amazingly she loves it!

I have made some gorgeous blue and green longies for Logan, he tried them on this morning for the 1st time and I think they look great, These are my 5th pair of Sheepy pants, the pattern is by Mandie harrington of sheepytime knits and you can find the pattern via ravelry

Friday, 4 April 2008

A hat for Taneisha

Logan's little friend Taneisha has turned 1 and along with some pretty clothes I bought for her, I really wanted to make her a woolly hat for winter!

Logan is modelling it to check for size.

My fantastic bagswap bag that I received

I wanted to post some pictures of the overwhelmingly lovely and much loved bag and gifts I received from my swap partner, she did such a fantastic job and I feel incredibly spoiled with my lovely bag

I received a fantastic huge bag big enough to fit all I need in it and so comfortable to carry in gorgeous green and navy( I love the green- it is perfect for me!)

She also made me a gorgeous red needle roll with lovely flowers to trim.

But thats not all, my lovely swapper included Debbie Bliss Simply Family pattern book and 2 balls of chocolate baby cashmerino which matched the dyelot of my sad single ball!

She also included hot chocolate and jelly snakes and stunning red stitch markers as well.

And to complete the perfect parcel a lovely card and an inspirational book!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kool Aid fun

Our yummy wool looks good enough to eat
And this is how we made it!
1st dying the berry blue
Then the lemon lime
Then the lemonade
My beautiful assistant Maddi
The wool after a rinse just having a couple of minutes in the microwave to make sure it is set-lol

I received a lovely little envelope of koolaid from buttonbrite on ravelry as a random act of kindness, so I thought I better show my appreciation and FORCE myself to have fun dying wool-LOL

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Logan is 1 today

Where did the year go?

My baby is now one and he is so lovely and gorgeous. He has had a lovely day with his brothers and sisters all being here together at THE SAME TIME! All of them! I forgot to get a picture though :-(

He had Judith and her lovely children and Nadene and her boys and baby taneisha and of course big sisters Rachel and Jennifer were all there together which was lovely.

He received some lovely Mem fox books and a wiggles library bag from Nadene and family and Judith and family bought him a sweet little jacket and Big sister rachel bought him a little rocker which can flip over and be a little desk and big sister Jennofer bought him a scrap yard for Thomas wooden railway.

His present from mummy and daddy was a boxed aquarium thomas Wooden railway set