Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Birthday Bear

So it was almost Logans 3rd birthday and we were in town so I took him to build a bear and he chose his very own birthday bear, Big sister jen took some pictures of him along the way-too sweet :0)

here he is handing his bear to the lovely assistant

Filling bears legs, Logan has his foot on the pedal

and the other leg

Jen asked Logan to look at her for a picture, doesn't his look say "Can't you see I am busy , but I will do it anyway-lol

Teddy having the hug test to check he is cuddly enough, he passed :0)

rubbing teddy's heart to make it warm and full of love, the assistant was SO lovely

Wishing on Teddy's heart (Isn't he gorgeous?)

Placing teddy's heart all warm with love and happy birthday wishes inside him, we also added a voice chip which sings "happy Birthday"

Logan is pleased at final hug check time :0)

Giving teddy an air bath and brush

smiling for the camera, whilst brushing and keeping his foot on the air pedal

full of thoughts here

filling in the birth certificate, for Theodore bear

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angeladean said...

I love the bear. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Your knits are lovely. Very creative. I am mummy to a large family too, stay at home and look after them and try to be creative as well. (I have five daughters ranging from 20 to 2).