Tuesday, 4 January 2011

new ideas for 2011

I am working on some new things to keep life rich and fulfilling in 2011 and will be updating here again

1st I have decided 2011 is the year to declutter my life so I am aiming to remove from my home whether by rubbish, freecycling, donating to opshops or passing on to friends uneeded items.
I will be removing 11 items minimum per day I imagine at the start of the year there will be more asnd as the yeasr goes on it will be harder to make the 11 in which case it may come down to simple maintenance and throwing out things as the wear out eacxh day

2nd I am aiming to knit from stash only-yes I know I have said it before but I am trying again nonetheless

3rd I will attempt to take and upload a picture for everyday this year as part of project 365, but to begin with commit to January :0)

4th I am aiming for 11 sweaters in 2011

5th I am aiming for 111 craft projects tis year, they may be knitting (probably quite a few-lol) they may be painting, sewing, whatever takes my fancy this year

Well that might be enough to start with :0)
Happy New Year everyone :0)

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