Tuesday, 16 August 2011

August 15th Day 15 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was a size 10 langston for Bella in a gorgeous deep red :0)  I am really enjoying knitting this pattern to the point that todays project did not get very far as when i wanted to watch a movie and knit along i ended up picking up langston again as I had the pattern printed out ready and it was enjoyable, I did however start todays project as required.
this is where I got up to last night with langston
Todays cast on was the sleepsuit for baby pebbles.
Love mel x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

August 14th Day 14 of cast on mania

Yesterdays cast on for #13 in this cast on mania journey was the slope hat by Susan B Anderson in spud and Chloe Outer-lovely squishy soft yarn that is a pleasure to knit and fast as well :0)

August 13th Day 13 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was the Fisherman pullover which i am knitting in a bold and bright red :0)

Todays project was the Slope hat by Susan B Anderson, it was a lovely quick knit and I was able to complete it whilst having a knit with my friend Kylie and Kylie managed to cast off her project as well so a very satisfying knitting session for both of us :0)

Love Mel x x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

August 12th Day 12 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was the jungle gym overalls pattern which I am working up in Mosaic Moon barn Owl-just gorgeous

Thursday, 11 August 2011

August 11th Day 11 of cast on mania

Hi all,
I have pictures of yesterdays project as promised, but unfortunately I ran out of puff and it isn't a complete project quite yet, almost though :0)
Meet Fat Robin, another of the wonderful Susan B Andersons creations :0)  this one is a free pattern on the fantastic site Petite Purls which is a childrens pattern site-love, love, love it :0)
Poor fat robin still needs his eyes and beak and half a nest and I better not forget some eggs either, I am going to have so much finishing up all these projects after the cast on mania challenge is completed :0)
Tomorrow you get to see my jungle gym overalls :0)

August 10th Day 10 of cast on mania

Hi all,
I went out to dinner tonight so I'm a little late updating the blog with day 9's pictures and letting you know how I went with day 10's.
Here is baby pebble in a cute little hat to match the shoes :0)

and a close up

Day 10's project will have pics up tomorrow but I have to admit, it isn't totally complete yet :0(  I was just too tired to stay up any later :0(I hope everyone is enjoying watching my journey to cast on  31 projects in 31 days :0)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August 9th Day 9 of cast on mania

Yesterday was day 8 and I got these cute little shoes/bootees knit up, they certainly would have fit my babies, baby pebbles has big feet in proportion to body size-lol

and just because baby Pebbles is so cute another picture :0)

These turned out super cute in fact day 9's project was a little hat to match them because they are so sweet :0)  Pictures tomorrow as usual.

Day 10 is going to be a new toy from Susan B Anderson, I love her knits they are just so gorgeous and well detailed  :0)

Monday, 8 August 2011

August 8th Day 8 of cast on mania

So here is the picture of yesterdays project :0)
I love these little overalls, I sacrificed some of my precious debbie Bliss wool/cotton on these as it was the right colour and weight and I am particularly happy with the seaming of the garter stitch :0)
And here they are modelled by baby Pebbles, shoes are todays project, pictures tomorrow as usual :0)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

August 7th Day 7 of cast on mania

Yesterdays knit was this little white top for mt Dot pebbles baby doll
and here it is on baby pebbles
Today's project is some little grey overalls to go over the jumper :0)

August 6th Day 6 of cast on mania

Hi All,
1st up we need a picture of day 5's project :0)  For day 5 i knit up a little striped tank top pattern designed for American Girl doll's, but this one is for Bella's Australian girl doll :0)

and here it is modelled by another dolly, she likes it because it matches her clothes but it really is too big for her.

And today for project 6 I knitted a little white long sleeved tee for my knitted Dot pebbles baby doll, I made the doll and now I am working on a little suitcase full of clothes :0) completed pictures of this one tomorrow, but here is an in progress shot :0)

 and speaking of tomorrow, day 7's project is a little pair of overalls to go over the long sleeved tee :0)
I hope you are enjoying watch me crazily attempt 31 new projects this month, tomorrow will be one week completed :0)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August 5th Day 5 of cast on mania

Hi everyone,
Well yesterdays day 4  project didn't get finished in one day, but I thought I did pretty good given I was in hospital having a procedure under anaesthetic in the afternoon, anyway I knitted on my way in and whilst I was waiting and got this far with Bella's  size 10 Elizabeth Tunic, the yarn is Mosaic Moon BFL aran in Snow blossom with matching pink trim and I have some lovely Tessa Ann buttons to go on this as well :0)

I actually managed to cast on and finish including crochet edging day 5's project and will take a picture tomorrow in the sunlight as it is almost midnight here and definitely not the best light for pictures!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

August 4th Day 4 of cast on mania

Okay time to meet day 3's project :0)

I think he's super cute but looks more like an alien than the baby owl he is meant to be, too much pink perhaps? or his button eyes? nonetheless cast on and completed in one day and loved so he's a winner :0)day 4 was cast on this morning and I knit on it at home, then in the car on the way to the hospital, whilst I walked up to be admitted and then whilst waiting for the nurse and inbetween whilst waiting for my anaethetist and again whilst I waited to be called in and again whilst in the recovery area waiting for hubster to pick me up and a bit more in the car on the way home, but as soon as I finally got something to eat 30 hours from my last meal I got very tired and no more knitting for 5 hours whilst I rested but now I am about to do a little more.
I cast on for An Elizabeth tunic in size 10 for Miss Bella, surprisingly or not I am not going to complete this in one day-lol  Pictures tomorrow of how far I get tonight :0)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

August 3rd Day 3 of cast on mania

Hi Guys,
Day 3's project is baby owl by Susan B Anderson, pictures tomorrow :0)
But for now here is Day 2 pictures :
Well yesterday saw me casting on little oink, he may be small but boy can he play!

And now for the close ups
side profile-Is this my best side?

and the best for last A portrait of a pig

So do you think I look good in pink?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August 2nd Day 2 of cast on mania

Hi Everyone,
Day 2 is going to be oink, in fact I have started him already this morning :0)  But no pictures yet, he will debut tomorrow :0)
But what everyone is waiting for I am sure is to see day ones project and here he is :0)

Back to my needles now, I have to get going on Oink as I can't get behind as camp loopy project 3 will start on August 15th IF my yarn arrives in time!
See you tomorrow with Oink pictures and an announcement on day 3's project :0)

Monday, 1 August 2011

August 1st Day 1 of cast on mania

Today i chose to knit up the very cute flamingo by susan b Anderson, I received a beautiful kit to make this in one of out Itty Bitty swaps on ravelry and this little bird has been impatiently waiting for me to bring her to life :0)
Well today is her day it is 11.53pm and I am sewing her last wing on and she is done, pictures tomorrow morning in some decent light and each day thereafter you will get the day befores work shown as i realised I do most of my knitting at night-lol