Friday, 4 April 2008

My fantastic bagswap bag that I received

I wanted to post some pictures of the overwhelmingly lovely and much loved bag and gifts I received from my swap partner, she did such a fantastic job and I feel incredibly spoiled with my lovely bag

I received a fantastic huge bag big enough to fit all I need in it and so comfortable to carry in gorgeous green and navy( I love the green- it is perfect for me!)

She also made me a gorgeous red needle roll with lovely flowers to trim.

But thats not all, my lovely swapper included Debbie Bliss Simply Family pattern book and 2 balls of chocolate baby cashmerino which matched the dyelot of my sad single ball!

She also included hot chocolate and jelly snakes and stunning red stitch markers as well.

And to complete the perfect parcel a lovely card and an inspirational book!


laughing purple goldfish said...

I can absolutely see you using that bag... very suitable!

and what lovely surprises, too

she knits said...

I love it so much It fits everything you cvould possibly need in at as well.
Hope we can catch up for Snb again soon.
Kind regards, Mel

Christine said...

So glad you like it Mel.

she knits said...

Christine, LIKE IT is not an adequate description! I love this so much I will still have this in 20 years time if I haven't worn it out-lol. I took it to my 1st SnB meet up and proudly showed it off to all who agreed it is stunning. Every single time I even glance upon it it makes me smile :-)
I want you to know how incredibly appreciative of your efforts I am.
Kindest regards, Mel