Thursday, 27 September 2007

A cute little vest for Logan

I just finished making this for Logan, My own pattern and 1st attempt at a v-neckline. He looks super cute! I really should have made it longer! O was worried about having enough wool, but had plenty, maybe some socks to match might turn up?

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Stash enhancement therapy-AKA shopping!!!

Hi all, I had to go into the big smoke for a Drs appointment yesterday so I made sure to leave nice and early and hop the tram into the wool store and lo and behold they had sale stock- So I just HAD to buy some-lol.
Longie and soaker fodder galore. I love the green but only 2 skeins so whether it will be enough for a small sheepy pants with contrast trim I dont know, other wise it will be a soaker. I have started already knitting as all this wool was talking to me! I had bubby in my arms and just picked up the wool and needles, I had no pattern and just played with it, this is the result. I cast on too wide so the side seams-yes I knitted it flat. are along the front and I also picked up a crochet hook( I dont crochet!) and I don't know what stitch it is but it looks ok and is the same all the way round, so I have a fully complete soaker in just a few hours, all done whilst holding Logan- I was truly desperate to knit-LOL. I am not sure whether to add a drawstring or not, but I had yarn left, so I could and this is like a medium/large?

Kind regards, Mel

Monday, 24 September 2007

Day trip to Puffing Billy

HI all, We had a lovely trip to Puffing Billy today, We caught the old steam train at Belgrave station and headed up along the winding track to lakeside with the steam blowing and the children all hanging their legs out of the carriage. I even managed to knit a few rows on Logans little vest I am making! There was Myself, Rohan, Maddison, Alexander, Isabella and baby Logan. We met some lovely ladies called Linda and Marion who were so kind and friendly they truly made our day memorable and fun. WE then had a scrummy barbeque lunch , followed by a walk around the lake, fed the ducks and had a play on the lovely play equipment before heading back around to the barbeque area for some face painting by a fairy and balloons by a couple of clowns. Rohan and Alexander both choose pirate face painting and black balloon swords, Maddison was a fairy princess with a crown painted on her face and jewels and she was made a lovely balloon flower and then some wings which she later gave to Isabella. Isabella had a butterfly on her face and a flower balloon as well. After all this fun paddle pop lion arrived and provided a lovely assortment of icecreams to select from. After this we headed back up to catch the train back to Belgrave. At the souvenier shop, Maddison and Rohan both chose a wooden train whistle, Isabella wanted a PINK flag and Alexander got a magic colour changing pencil and a "Spencer " train from Thomas wooden railway. We then headed back up the hill to where our car was parked and headed home where we were greeted by dad(Keith) and Jennifer who had a delicious roast waiting for a very hungry family. The children then all went and played trains before bed.

Finally pics of completed soaker for Logan

Hi all,
Well I finally finished another soaker for Logan. These have quite a high rise as the pure wool I used has felted quite short on previous soakers-hence the need for more. I can get going on some more longies now these are done, well after I finish his little vest I am making and his all in one long leg and long sleeve footed suit.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Another soaker, almost finished!

Heres Logan modelling his next new soaker, It just needs the legs cuffs whuich is on the needles as we speak. They have a huge rise as this wool tends to felt and previous soakers have just gotten so short!

We have a soaker!!

Well, I have been working at these for a while, I finished them all but the leg cuffs and so they sat until I could get a few minutes to pick up the stitches. I can knit with bub in arms but I find picking up stitches neatly without being able to see them properly over Logan in his wrap sling a bit difficult. Especially with 4 needles-lol. They are in DK Cleckheatons machine wash crepe as I had it in my stash