Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Stash enhancement therapy-AKA shopping!!!

Hi all, I had to go into the big smoke for a Drs appointment yesterday so I made sure to leave nice and early and hop the tram into the wool store and lo and behold they had sale stock- So I just HAD to buy some-lol.
Longie and soaker fodder galore. I love the green but only 2 skeins so whether it will be enough for a small sheepy pants with contrast trim I dont know, other wise it will be a soaker. I have started already knitting as all this wool was talking to me! I had bubby in my arms and just picked up the wool and needles, I had no pattern and just played with it, this is the result. I cast on too wide so the side seams-yes I knitted it flat. are along the front and I also picked up a crochet hook( I dont crochet!) and I don't know what stitch it is but it looks ok and is the same all the way round, so I have a fully complete soaker in just a few hours, all done whilst holding Logan- I was truly desperate to knit-LOL. I am not sure whether to add a drawstring or not, but I had yarn left, so I could and this is like a medium/large?

Kind regards, Mel

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