Tuesday, 2 August 2011

August 2nd Day 2 of cast on mania

Hi Everyone,
Day 2 is going to be oink, in fact I have started him already this morning :0)  But no pictures yet, he will debut tomorrow :0)
But what everyone is waiting for I am sure is to see day ones project and here he is :0)

Back to my needles now, I have to get going on Oink as I can't get behind as camp loopy project 3 will start on August 15th IF my yarn arrives in time!
See you tomorrow with Oink pictures and an announcement on day 3's project :0)


toffle said...

Oh My off to a flying start! You finished in one day!!!!

Sue said...

Oh my he/she is very cute. You did fantastically to finish in one day!

she knits said...

Thanks Toffle and Sue, yes on a good start, lets hope I can keep it up for the whole month :0)