Sunday, 31 July 2011

August cast on mania challenge starts tomorrow!

Hi everyone, It's been a while and I have decided I need a challenge to make me post each day and today whilst I was checking out the stashdown group on ravelry I discovered a new challenge has been set up called August cast on mania and the aim is to cast on something new everyday in August, of course it's okay to cast on as many or as few as each participant wishes, but I am going to set my sights high as usual (and probably fail-lol) and aim for something new every day in August :0)
Here is my list in no particular order that I will be working from, all of them are new except for a  favourite sweater of my sons which the dog ATE, yes you read correctly 2 small sad faces came to me carrying the chewed up sweater in distress so cutting off a sleeve and picking up stitches to reknit the sleeve will count as 1 days new project.

1.  Baby shell  started day 17

2.  Fat robin  started day 10

3.  Flamingo completed Day 1

4.  Jungle gym overalls  started day 11

5.  Striped tank American girl  completed day 5

7.  Baby Bunting by dot garland

8.  Baby doll sleep suit by dot garland  started day 15

9.  Beanie by dot garland  completed day 9

10.       Lottas little lilac dress by Dot garland

11.       Beany by dot garland

12.       Slip on soft clogs by dot garland

13.       cardigan by dot garland

14.       frilly pants + play flowers by dot garland

15.       overalls dot garland completed day 7

16.       vest by dot garland completed day 6

17.       socks by dot garland  completed day 8

18.       doll aran  started day 18, ditched pattern asks for DK but guage of 41 stitches per 4 inches-not happening

19.       Elizabeth tunic for Bella  started day 4

20.       Handspun pinafore by Carina Spencer

21.       Little hoodlum sleeve repair after dog ate it

22.       Oink completed day 2

23.       Little owls  completed day 3

24.       Seeing stars

25.       Camp loopy project 3 Mondo cable pulli started day 16

26.       Fisherman’s pullover started day 12

27.       Langston  started day 14

28.       Reids romper

30.       Doll pants

31.       Slope hat  completed day 13

I will post each day the progress I made on the previous days project, this allows for a picture in decent light :0) 
I hope this will provide some entertainment for everyone and some actual knitting taking place for me and I think my children will be the big winners with all the toys and dolly things finally getting made :0)
wish me luck, Love Mel x
p.s It takes forever to link to so many projects!!


Sue said...

Well at least a few of them are dolly items so they shouldnt take too long. I dont think I would have enough needles to cast on so many projects, and sadly most of my needles are on current projects at the moment. I look forward to seeing how you go Mel!

she knits said...

I am excited to see how I go as well, I have had so many of these in queue waiting for far too long.
Love mel x

Maria said...

Wowee, that's a HUGE task. Just found your blog while broswing Ravelry. Love seeing the projects and how you go