Saturday, 10 October 2009

Not much blogging but lots of knitting :0)

I thought i would share some ogf the things I have been knitting of the last few months, so today is a bit of a catch up day :0)

Bendigo woollen mills 100 gram challenge swap

Green swap parcel, razor shell cowl in cashmerino

Vest and sheepypants for Logan

Little vest in woolganics

Little red heart top down cardi for a friends 18 month old daughter

A size 18 month top down cardi

A cute little soaker in Woolganics organic merino

Size small sheepy pants in Woolganics

Some orange sheepypants using dopubled 5 ply from 1st editions fibre in Euroa
A cardi for a friends new little girl :0)

A sweet little cardi

Olive You itty bitty hat swap hat
A modern layette in woolganics, hand dyed multi yarn by me

Ysolda's little mary jane shoes-too sweet - I made more than 1 pair-lol

My 1st pair of sock yarn weight socks

Longies for Logan

Mini longies from the remainder of Logans longies yarn-too cute, these are newborn size ready for the next little Cloth nappied baby to arrive

Itty Bitty jumping child hat for a swap
An assortment of itty bitty hats for our September and October charities, I'm hosting Novembers charity so lots more hasts to come :0) If anyone wants to join in, the charity I have chosen needs anything suitable for newborn to 4 year old sizes.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Working on my 2nd jumper

I so enjoyed having a jumper/sweater I made myself that i have started a new one :0)

This one is for summer really and is made of Rowan Summer Tweed which is a silk and cotton blend. the colour is Sh541 and called Blossom

I am working on my 7th ball now and about to start the sleeves :0)

Canneloni for dinner

Today was the 2nd day in over a year that it was just Logan and I home and we decided to cook, so a trip to the shops which Logan loves and he chose some green beans and brocoflower(broccoli) and bought some red wine and we came home and made some homemade canneloni for dinner, It felt good to cook something because I wanted to today :0)

So when hubster arrived home from his day out he found this waiting for him.

30 minutes later it looked like this, so I think we can call it a success :0)

Yummy dinner and good company equals a nice night for all :0)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bendigo Wool Show 2009

Yesterday My DD Jen and Ds Logan and I headed for Bendigo for the wool show,
Bendigo is the Mecca for woolly goodness each year a place to see and touch all sorts of pretties normally only available from mail order.

We got to see sheep shearing demonstrations which Logan was very interested in,

Alpacas and sheep everywhere

And so much pretty yarn, my favourite stall is Pear Tree

Where did the last year go?

HI All,

It's been a long and complicated year during which I have seriously neglected this blog, time to make amends :0)

Somehow or another an entire year has gone by and Miss Bella had another birthday!

My beautiful 6 year old in her Liberty dress we bought in London last year

So last saturday i decided I really NEEDED a handknit jumper to wear to The Bendigo Wool Show this weekend and so I cast on Wicked in Bendigo woollen mills luxury 10 ply and I knit, I finally cast her off at 12.28am on Friday morning, joined in all the ends and washed and blocked and then went to bed about 2am, I woke up at 7.45 and got ready to leave for Bendigo wearing my new jumper :0) It took 5 days to knit, I don't know why I had it oin my mind it would be too much knitting and take too long to try anything for me?

A terrible picture taken very early in the morning-lol

My wicked in Ruby