Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Canneloni for dinner

Today was the 2nd day in over a year that it was just Logan and I home and we decided to cook, so a trip to the shops which Logan loves and he chose some green beans and brocoflower(broccoli) and bought some red wine and we came home and made some homemade canneloni for dinner, It felt good to cook something because I wanted to today :0)

So when hubster arrived home from his day out he found this waiting for him.

30 minutes later it looked like this, so I think we can call it a success :0)

Yummy dinner and good company equals a nice night for all :0)


sascha said...

MMmmmmmmmm it looked so delicious! Must have been! :) I love that kind of food, although I'm a gluten free person. :) samm

she knits said...

Fairly easy to make gluten fgree Samm, you use gluten free flour in the meat mix only a tablespoon and glutten free canneloni tubes super easy to make suitable for gluten free, Logan is wheat free and hubster in gluten intolerant so only has a small amount per day.
Nice to hear from you, Love Mel x x

Katidids said...

Mel! Love the new family pic in Rav, good to see you back on here

she knits said...

Hi Katie,
Nice to hear from you :0) How's that new grandbaby doing?
Love Mel x x