Tuesday, 16 August 2011

August 15th Day 15 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was a size 10 langston for Bella in a gorgeous deep red :0)  I am really enjoying knitting this pattern to the point that todays project did not get very far as when i wanted to watch a movie and knit along i ended up picking up langston again as I had the pattern printed out ready and it was enjoyable, I did however start todays project as required.
this is where I got up to last night with langston
Todays cast on was the sleepsuit for baby pebbles.
Love mel x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

August 14th Day 14 of cast on mania

Yesterdays cast on for #13 in this cast on mania journey was the slope hat by Susan B Anderson in spud and Chloe Outer-lovely squishy soft yarn that is a pleasure to knit and fast as well :0)

August 13th Day 13 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was the Fisherman pullover which i am knitting in a bold and bright red :0)

Todays project was the Slope hat by Susan B Anderson, it was a lovely quick knit and I was able to complete it whilst having a knit with my friend Kylie and Kylie managed to cast off her project as well so a very satisfying knitting session for both of us :0)

Love Mel x x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

August 12th Day 12 of cast on mania

Yesterdays project was the jungle gym overalls pattern which I am working up in Mosaic Moon barn Owl-just gorgeous

Thursday, 11 August 2011

August 11th Day 11 of cast on mania

Hi all,
I have pictures of yesterdays project as promised, but unfortunately I ran out of puff and it isn't a complete project quite yet, almost though :0)
Meet Fat Robin, another of the wonderful Susan B Andersons creations :0)  this one is a free pattern on the fantastic site Petite Purls which is a childrens pattern site-love, love, love it :0)
Poor fat robin still needs his eyes and beak and half a nest and I better not forget some eggs either, I am going to have so much finishing up all these projects after the cast on mania challenge is completed :0)
Tomorrow you get to see my jungle gym overalls :0)

August 10th Day 10 of cast on mania

Hi all,
I went out to dinner tonight so I'm a little late updating the blog with day 9's pictures and letting you know how I went with day 10's.
Here is baby pebble in a cute little hat to match the shoes :0)

and a close up

Day 10's project will have pics up tomorrow but I have to admit, it isn't totally complete yet :0(  I was just too tired to stay up any later :0(I hope everyone is enjoying watching my journey to cast on  31 projects in 31 days :0)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August 9th Day 9 of cast on mania

Yesterday was day 8 and I got these cute little shoes/bootees knit up, they certainly would have fit my babies, baby pebbles has big feet in proportion to body size-lol

and just because baby Pebbles is so cute another picture :0)

These turned out super cute in fact day 9's project was a little hat to match them because they are so sweet :0)  Pictures tomorrow as usual.

Day 10 is going to be a new toy from Susan B Anderson, I love her knits they are just so gorgeous and well detailed  :0)