Saturday, 10 October 2009

Not much blogging but lots of knitting :0)

I thought i would share some ogf the things I have been knitting of the last few months, so today is a bit of a catch up day :0)

Bendigo woollen mills 100 gram challenge swap

Green swap parcel, razor shell cowl in cashmerino

Vest and sheepypants for Logan

Little vest in woolganics

Little red heart top down cardi for a friends 18 month old daughter

A size 18 month top down cardi

A cute little soaker in Woolganics organic merino

Size small sheepy pants in Woolganics

Some orange sheepypants using dopubled 5 ply from 1st editions fibre in Euroa
A cardi for a friends new little girl :0)

A sweet little cardi

Olive You itty bitty hat swap hat
A modern layette in woolganics, hand dyed multi yarn by me

Ysolda's little mary jane shoes-too sweet - I made more than 1 pair-lol

My 1st pair of sock yarn weight socks

Longies for Logan

Mini longies from the remainder of Logans longies yarn-too cute, these are newborn size ready for the next little Cloth nappied baby to arrive

Itty Bitty jumping child hat for a swap
An assortment of itty bitty hats for our September and October charities, I'm hosting Novembers charity so lots more hasts to come :0) If anyone wants to join in, the charity I have chosen needs anything suitable for newborn to 4 year old sizes.


sue said...

Mel how many wonderful things have you been knitting lately. They all look wonderful. How is your family going and your hubby's health. We will definately have to meet up one day when things settle down on the finance front.

knittingknirvana said...

Oh my goodness! You are a knitting machine!!!! :) :) :)

sascha said...

No wonder you haven't been blogging! You've not put down the needles! Your finished items are lovely. The handdyed yarn knits up wonderfully! Is it KoolAid dyed? Love the socks. So pretty. All the things you've knit are amazing! Love especially the green sweater and the Olive you hat. :) samm

Austy's Mum said...

Wow- you've knitted more things than I could manage in a YEAR! I'd love to join your charity knit next month but I may only be able to contribute a couple of small items as I will be juggling my return to work with two young children.

she knits said...

Thanks everyone, I have more I just have to find pictures lol.
I would absolutely LOVE if anyone wants to knit for my charity hosting month, small is absolutely fine. Anyone who wants to join in, please let me know if you need me address either here or via ravelry, whichever is easiest :0)
I must say I am pleased with myself making socks, I totally utterly love to wear handknit socks and I am trying to phase out my old regular ones and move over to all knitted, might take some time though :0) Olive you hat was for an itty bitty swap and the green vest was gifted with the navy and green striped longies for a lovely ravelry members new baby. The dying was a mix of kool aid and food colouring as I was desperate for some new colours, hubster was less than impressed with his vinegar scented house though!
Thanks everyone, Love Mel x x