Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A new year and lots of knitting has been taking place :0)

January knits :0)

#1 A jumper for Bella

size 8 round yoked jumper in zoomy

#2 A new hat for Bella

to match the jumper in zoomy

#3 A new Jumper for Alexander

size 8 raglan jumper in zoomy

#4 A wonderful wallaby for Logan

size 4 in moda vera mousse in olive


sascha said...

You have been busy my friend! I love the sweaters, all of them. Bella's is so cheerful! And the boys' sweaters are definitely boy styled. Glad to see you posting again! samm

she knits said...

Thanks samm,
I am trying to find my pictures for the next lot :0)
Love Mel x x

sue said...

Bella's sweater is so pretty in the zoomy yarn. I love the boys sweaters too, the brown yarn sounds wonderful!