Monday, 24 September 2007

Day trip to Puffing Billy

HI all, We had a lovely trip to Puffing Billy today, We caught the old steam train at Belgrave station and headed up along the winding track to lakeside with the steam blowing and the children all hanging their legs out of the carriage. I even managed to knit a few rows on Logans little vest I am making! There was Myself, Rohan, Maddison, Alexander, Isabella and baby Logan. We met some lovely ladies called Linda and Marion who were so kind and friendly they truly made our day memorable and fun. WE then had a scrummy barbeque lunch , followed by a walk around the lake, fed the ducks and had a play on the lovely play equipment before heading back around to the barbeque area for some face painting by a fairy and balloons by a couple of clowns. Rohan and Alexander both choose pirate face painting and black balloon swords, Maddison was a fairy princess with a crown painted on her face and jewels and she was made a lovely balloon flower and then some wings which she later gave to Isabella. Isabella had a butterfly on her face and a flower balloon as well. After all this fun paddle pop lion arrived and provided a lovely assortment of icecreams to select from. After this we headed back up to catch the train back to Belgrave. At the souvenier shop, Maddison and Rohan both chose a wooden train whistle, Isabella wanted a PINK flag and Alexander got a magic colour changing pencil and a "Spencer " train from Thomas wooden railway. We then headed back up the hill to where our car was parked and headed home where we were greeted by dad(Keith) and Jennifer who had a delicious roast waiting for a very hungry family. The children then all went and played trains before bed.

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