Sunday, 20 April 2008

A country drive, airplanes, boats and beach!

Bella at Hasting jetty
Keith and Logan
Alex and Rohan looking at a jelly fish
My beautiful children all in a row
Pretty Boats all in a row
Daddy and Logan playing at Tooradin airfield
Logan discovers the bark on the ground isn't really comfortable to crawl on
Rohan gives Bella a swing
Alex is big enough to swing himself now
Logan and I have a cuddle before heading back to the car

We had a lovely drive today to Tooradin airfield where we watched the planes and the children had a play on the climbing frame and Logan had a swing.

I even managed to get hubby to take a picture of me! Not the best as the sun was very bright in my eyes-lol


Tracy said...

A beautiful family outing, one of those special times you'll all look back on when the kids are grown.

she knits said...

Hi Tracy, Yes thank you, I agree and I atually remembered the camera and asked hubby to take a picture of me-There are so few as I am always taking them-lol.I added some more pictures as the blogger would only allow 5 at a time.
Kindest regards, Mel