Saturday, 19 April 2008

I have had nice knitting mail!

I have received two lovely knitting related parcels this week.

1st there is an order from the Fibre and Yarn company which consists of lots of pretty wools(these are my easter and mothers day gifts to myself-lol)

And there is also an order of lovely knitting brochures and books from Rowan

I am of course now broke and will have to wait until my birthday in July before buying anything else, I had ordered these before saying I wont buy anything else as well. and there is sock yarn and I have it on reliable authority that sock yarn isn't stash and well theres wool for soakers and longies and they are definitely NEEDS not wants1 And I really wanted to test the Astrakhan before committing to buying enough for a jumper pattern I want to make so I thought I will get some white and make a toy shepp to try it on rather than just a boring swatch-LOL

and the books well what can I say I love to read and they are so lovely and the patterns are gorgeous.


Amanda said...

Oh what a lovely haul! The yarns look good enough to eat. Happy knitting.

she knits said...

Thanks amanda,
I dont know how I have not cast on anything yet? It is amazing indeed-lol.
Their time will come though!
Cheers, Mel