Monday, 17 January 2011

January 16th, 2011

Today I thought I would share how yarn is everywhere to tempt me, I can't even go to our local supermarket without having yarn there!
Normally my supermarket has these shelves filled with yarn and needles and pattern booklets and even some sample knits on the wire gridding at the top which you can just make out behind the plastic tubs

But because it is summer and has just been Christmas it has been moved to another aisle and cleeared out and a little packed away as well and now it only fills this small shelf which is much less tempting as they packed away all the nice stuff and left out mainly acrylics!  They even managed to pack away the new summer yarns!

And have any of you ever played yardage chicken where you go one more round and hope you will make it?
Well I lost tonight-look how close I got to finished, just a few stitches...


toffle said...

i hope this is not an omen. Am playing it now with my milo BO too..

Sue said...

That looks like the Foodworks store Mel! Wish our supermarket had nice yarn like that to buy. Your Milo looks great in the colors you have chosen too.

she knits said...

Hope you make it on your Milo Michelle :0)
We are lucky with our store, but they packed away the bamboos and the sorrento and summer yarns over summer!

I hope they restock like it has been the last few years as it was overflowing in wool :0)