Thursday, 27 January 2011

January 26th, 2011

Today I spent mt day doing the 4 C's  Cleaning, crafting, cooking and chilling  Hubster took our 3,7, 9 and 15 year old to visit nana and I stayed home with our 12 and 17 year old.
!st we cleaned because we knew it would stay clean for the whole day with no small people making mess, then i got out the sewing machine and made 4 project bags and repaired 2 school dresses, then we baked fruit cake, pavlove and cookies and then i played with my spinning wheel for the rest of the afternoon/evening  whilst i watched grey's annatomy and spun up some fibre I bought from EGMTK's and dyed myself and I love how it has turned out :0)  I also started a new book "The cookie club"

An altogether wonderful day :0)

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