Friday, 7 January 2011

January 7th 2011

I started my day this morning after a night filled with a small boy having nightmares to this sweet boy taking over my bed and sleeping until almost 11am :0) 

Then this evening this small boy did this!  I am filled with gratitude for the invention of safety switches and that my sweet little boy is ssafely sleeping in his bed tonight instead of the alternative which I just can't bare to think about for too long at a time!

I love my sweet little Logan so much and the thought of him being hurt is unbearable, I went to the bathroom right next to where he was and his daddy left the room for a moment and in less than 30 seconds he went from sitting on his bed playing to cutting the electric cord to the fan, the bang it made was  like nothing I have heard before and I never want to hear again. 

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