Thursday, 13 January 2011

January 13th, 2011

         Logan busy stomping in the puddle near the tap whilst washing his diggers after some gardening this afternoon :0)

He was attempting to dig a tunnel through to his friends house across the road

And my mission for the day to pull out and acknowledge my WIP's and UFO's

Above shows all I could find excluding blankets, I will get to them soon

These ones in the picture above are all baby/toddler projects that lost their ability to convince me to finish them

My sweaters for me WIPS, there is "whisper" in pink, "hey teach" in red at the back, "basik black" in black and "parcel" in red in the front, these ALL want to be finished yesterday

and down here is Bella's sorello, dolly undies that need elastic and a blanket square I am knitting.

Really these are all very finishable, there is nothing I really don't like much here except 1 baby item which I think needs frogging, the rest just need some attention paid to them, there are 16 items here and I think I will get to work on them again soon, perhaps pick one a month for the big ones to work on and well the elastic needed, buttons needed items are just sad so best get to them this month :0)

So how many UFO's or WIP's do you have if you go hunting through the house?  I got the idea to do this from The Yarn Harlot's secrect life of a knitter book (which I love)  Stephanie Pearl McPhee  has a knack of knowing exactly what I have lurking in my home!


Sue said...

I think I have quite a few around the place, and some do need to be ripped out but they can wait until autumn when it cools down a bit I think!

she knits said...

Hi Sue,
Well I finished off the 4 quickest from those pictures and will try and keep working on the others as time goes on, I also found 2 others lurking in need of buttons and elastic and seaming so all in all a good afternoon of finishing after i shamed myself showing them all-lol
love mel x x
p.s one day I will show all my blanket wips