Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bag Swap Bag

HI, I finished my bag ready to send off to my swappee, Hurray!
I chose to make in Paton's Inca in raspberry red as it reminded me of rubies and garnets and my swappee loves jewel colours.
This was a hige challene for me as I have only been knitting very plain stocking stitch based beginner style items since all the stress of Cassi being ill, I couldn't knit at all for over a year, I would take it with me in the car and force myself to knit a row( this was Bella's hat to match her bell sleeved sweater- I stull have not finished that hat!
I have never designed and/or made a bag of any sort before

This was hard work but a pleasure at the same time. I started many times over before settling on this bag. I cast on and knit the base and then cast off, I then picked up stitches for each side individually as I wanted the pick up ridge to provide shape to the bag. I then picked up the narrow sides and picked up stitches from either side so they made some structure as well, I them did a fold over edge which i slipstitched down.

Then the hard part, the lining! I had found the perfect match in quilter's cotton and whilst the bag was blocking I cut a rough paper pattern and then spent a long, long time pinning trying to get the fit even and right. I made a covered plastic insert for the base by cutting and sewing a display book cover to size and then covering it with matching fabric.

O them attached the magnetic clasp and finally the gorgeous handle which a dear friend's MIL picked up for me from her local shop and then brought down next time she made the long drive to visit( I am very grateful for their kindness) I then wrapped it up with some little pressies and sent it off.

The magnetic clasp and lining

The bag open, showing the reinforced base


sascha said...

That's beautiful!!! If your swappee doesn't like it, I'll be glad to have it. I'm sure she will love it, though. You did a fine job of all the finishing details, which make it look so professional. Lovely job, friend!
p.s. glad to see you posting again. samm

she knits said...

HI Samm, I have lots of catch up posts planned, poor computer didn't want to upload 59 pictures all at once-lol.

Caroline said...

What number colour is the Raspberry red? Is it 7004? I'm trying to decide whether to use that colour for a jumper - if that's it I think I'll go for it!