Saturday, 29 March 2008

Lots of finished projects

The teeny tiny socks- I love how well they match in pattern
This is it! Fast and warm jumper for Logan
Hand spun hat swatch hat for Alex
Two needle socks semed and perfect fit for Logan
Dragon skin soaker for Logan from Gorgeous Patons Jet in punk knitters pattern, Very easy and fast knit

I have finished off and started lots of projects over the last few weeks including my bag swap bag which is on it's way to it's recipient who I truly hope likes it!

I also made some tiny socks( Thanks to Gill for the wool and telling me how) and a hat from handspun woolThis was a swatch for hat attack, it was too big in circumference to look right with the umbilical knot at the top so I ripped that out and finished it off and it fits Bella and Alex nicely( and even me but has been claimed-lol) and a jumper for Logan is finished off and the little 2 needle socks have been seamed as well.
Also made the dragon skin soaker( so called because Bella was drawing a dragon and making green scales and she said my knitting looked like her dragon picture.

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