Saturday, 29 March 2008

Treasues from the past

A sweet lacy baby dress, definitely at least 10 years ago I started this, if not 14!
White fluffy mohair bolero from last winter, It has errors in the pattern and I just didn't want to deal with it at the time-lol
Baby bunny only been waiting a month or so but I really want to finish it - finally sewn up
The classic cardigan, started for either Rohan(12 years ago) Or Alexander (7 years ago)-lol - so very finished 23-5-2008
A jumper for me, I couldn't remember how the neck went so there it sat, from over 12 years ago when we lived in Bendigo
A pretty pram blanket or capsule cover absolutely gorgeous and I really want to finish it eventually
Pretty pink jumper that I never finished because I thjought I would run out of wool! It was for Cassi or Jennifer I think!
A gorgeous peplum style jumper I barely started as I just never got enough time, I believe it was for Cassi

I went on a trip down memory lane today!

I went searching in the deepest darkest back of my wardrobe and found the box!

The box of UFO'S from another time and place, baby garments started for my now grown big girls and a sweater for me etc. I hauled them out and took pictures and loaded them onto ravelry to help motivate me to finish them or to frog them.

It was invigorating to feel the urge to go hunting for them, I feel like part of me is waking up from a very long sleep, whilst another part says it is just so very tired and ready to rest. I hope to be able to get something done with them one way or another as they make me feel like a quitter and a failure for not knitting fast enough that they were worthwhile!

It's time to admit they exist.

They have been moved to an easily accessible container in with my stash( which by the way I am in progress on sorting so I don't go buying wool when I have enough) I hope if I need something different to be able to effect swaps on ravelry rather than shop.


sascha said...

Good idea to get the ufos out and put them where you can't miss seeing them. :O) I should do the same!! samm

she knits said...

Yes, then I have NO excuse except lack of yime and inclination-lol

she knits said...

I have started the classic navy cardigan and it's going pretty fast only 1 sleeve to go and make it up which will be fiddly as it is an older style pattern where the bands are not knitted until the end.
Kind regards, Mel

Molly Loves Paris said...

It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who takes a long time to finish a lot of things. I've been digging my UFOs out this month and working on finishing some of them off. I find this a very rewarding task.

she knits said...

HI Molly, yes it is satisfying, i have almost finished the navy classic cardigan so far as well as finishing some new projects like longies for logam :0)