Sunday, 18 May 2008

I have started a cabled jumper for Logan, my 1st cable jumper

This is a new jumper for Logan, It is expensive ($5.95 per ball, so close to $40 for a 18month olds jumper) but oh so nice Patons merino totem which is a nice fine 8 ply/dk.


sascha said...

Beautiful. I love the colour! You weren't joking about all the casting on you've been doing! :) Love it! samm

sue said...

Oh gorgeous color and pattern. I have knit jackets with the Patons Totem for my nephews and they turned out so nice. They have great colors too.

she knits said...

I am really liking it as well, I muust have liked it a lot to spend that much-lol. It seems more expensive even then his Debbie Bliss ones? Go figure, but this wool stands the test of time and doesn't tend to wear badly so I hoipe he gets abit of wear, I am regretting not making it a size 2 instead of 18 months and I am still debating as to whether I should rip back and start again.