Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mothers Day Gifts

On mothers day morning I was woken by the head chef and waiter from Le Kid's restaurant with good morning wishes and a hand written menu outlining the dishes of the day available for me to choose from.

I then was showered with knitty goodness.

Maddi, Rohan and Alex had each purchased me a ball of pretty raspberry yarn and Maddi had thought to check the ball band to see what size needles it required and Bella purchased these for me.

Cassi and baby Logan together purchased me 4 balls of green zoomy yarn and a pattern book to knit with it.

The next day when In saw Jennifer she had a lovely card and 3 pairs of new knitting needles for me as well.

All in all a lovely day of knitting in bed and lovely thoughtful gifts, The children told me they brainstormed and decided I would like something knitting(They are very bright children!)

Then Rohan found a ball he liked and they all agreed to buy the same ( they can cooperate for the greater good) and maddi found the


I am impressed at how well they organised themselves and worked together to make Mother's day fantastic


sascha said...

Those are the most brilliant children in the world to know what you would especially love! I'm glad they spoiled you. You deserve it! samm

sue said...

Oh how sweet that they bought you something you would absolutely love. I have the Zoomy knitting book and the yarn is so soft and squishy to knit with too.

she knits said...

HI Samm and Sue,
It was great, I told them not to buy from school stand and that i or dad would take them to Big W or something and then hubby was just going to take them to localshops and I said no I will take them myself, so he took us lol. He didn't think they could get anything worth having under $5 each so why bother going too far, I believe they had change which they gave me as well-lol. I told them next time spend it all on me haha. It was really nice to receive something that showed thought for what I like. I believe they have learnt a life lesson in our discussions over the last few weeks of birthday and mothersday shopping and hopefully as adults my sons will know how to shop for others( Ie you dont have to like what you are buying if you know the person you are xhoosing for will)
Kindest regards, Mel