Sunday, 18 May 2008

Logan's woollie stash

This is Logan's woollie stash at the moment, I think I have enough longies now, but need a few more soakers as he is outgrowing these ones!


sascha said...

Do you do anything special to the soakers and longies to make them liquid resistent? I've heard about something with lanolin..... samm

she knits said...

Hi Samm, yes you lanolise them, super easy. Some woprk without it, but all are better for it.
The best soakers are made of the least processed wool and also my favourite is 30$ alpaca/70% wool in Australia it is called Paton's Jet and I love it, soft as anything, downsize it can shrink from felting just from wear, but if you account for this when 1st making by making slightly bigger then they are bombproof. I made Longies in Jet when Logan was smaller and his green dragin soaker is out of it as well :0)