Sunday, 8 June 2008

Brunswick guild expo- OOPs I shopped!

The hubster drove me into Brunswick last saturday so I could have a look see at the Handspinners and knitters guild expo, well I looked I saw, I bought!

Lucky I brought only limited cash with me or things could have been diabolical

There was the cascade 220 which I had never seen or touched in real life so I grabbed 2 skeins of that to have a play with!

Then there was Malabrigo in Just Taupe

and in

and some in Lettuce

and then there was the Andyle which is grown and fully produced including scouring in Victoria! Being a good GREEN consumer I had to buy this as it had the least MILES-lol

I got some in undyed for me to play with

and some in a gorgeous natural brown

and some supersoft Pear tree 4 ply merino in rosella


jaffa said...

gorgeous choices mum.
believe it or not i actually like them they are quite pretty.
see you tomorrow
Love Jaffa

she knits said...

Glad you like them Jaffa! You can pat them tomorrow if you want to :0)

Amanda said...

You are lucky you made it back home with that pear tree still in your bag and not in mine!