Sunday, 8 June 2008

Fabulous Fibre Fun Friday

My darling girls and I decided to have some dying fun on Friday and the results were fantastic! Alexander was very interested as well.

Maddi made 2 skeins, Cassi made 1 and I made 2 as well(well actually I just overdyed one of them)

We have a picture of Maddi and Alex holding them up to dry,

A picture of them all soaking in woolwash after dying

and a picture of them all laid out after they were finished

And a picture of them after being reskeined


sascha said...

Wow! The yarns are gorgeous!! I love the colours. You did a fine job! samm

she knits said...

Thanks Samm, Now I just have to find time to knit them! But i just cast on my 1st thing for me since 1 was a teenager! So i hope i finish it promptly while i like it-lol
We did have fun and the colours are very springlike which is silly as it is almost winter here. they will probably turn into shorties for our next summer for Logan, Maddis spotyty one is for teddy clothes and Cassi is planning a hat with hers :0)