Friday, 23 May 2008

Finally Finishing Friday

The Classic Cardigan is SO done!
Logan's pants to match are finally sewn up and they actually still fit
The front of Logans cabled jumper-not a good representation of colour though

I decided today was the day to institute Finally Finishing Friday and put some of my UFO's off the needles!

1st I sewed up Logans pants to match and they are done and finished and they fit him-yay!

So I tackled the navy classic cardigan and it is So done and finished-Yay

Then I tackled the Debbie Bliss baby bunny who is now sewn up but not finished as I am hunting for stuffing but shes sewn! I will update when I find it and shes finished properly-Hopefully today!

I will see what else I can get done tonight!

I am so happy to have some of the 95% done knitting finished so I can concentrate on more important things and have my needles ready if I need them as well :0)
Oh and I finished the front of Logans cabled funnel neck jumper( My 1st cabled jumper)

Monday, 19 May 2008

Logan loves this helium balloon

Alexander was given this helium balloon with & on it for his birthday and Logan was entralled and enchanted with it, the laughter was contagious and he was just so happy I wanted to share it :0)

Debbie Bliss striped sweater for Logan of course

I have another sweater on the needles, I actually started this before the cables for Logan and the pink for Bella, but this is still ggoing to be finished(I promise- It's meant for our trip) It is half finished already!

This is in Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere scarlet and stone from Simply baby

Aleaxander is 7!

Alexander turned 7 this month, we only had a small celebration as we are saving for our trip but he had a great day! He had cupcakes at school with his friends and his best friend came home with us after school and helped Alex try out his birthday presents which included a Nintendo DS which he was so desperate for, a build a bear teddy and some cloths for his bear and puppy from when he was born(he sleeps with puppy) and a chessboard-he loves playing chess, asked for his 1st chess set at 2 years old-lol. Cassi baked his cake and a good time was had by all

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mothers Day Gifts

On mothers day morning I was woken by the head chef and waiter from Le Kid's restaurant with good morning wishes and a hand written menu outlining the dishes of the day available for me to choose from.

I then was showered with knitty goodness.

Maddi, Rohan and Alex had each purchased me a ball of pretty raspberry yarn and Maddi had thought to check the ball band to see what size needles it required and Bella purchased these for me.

Cassi and baby Logan together purchased me 4 balls of green zoomy yarn and a pattern book to knit with it.

The next day when In saw Jennifer she had a lovely card and 3 pairs of new knitting needles for me as well.

All in all a lovely day of knitting in bed and lovely thoughtful gifts, The children told me they brainstormed and decided I would like something knitting(They are very bright children!)

Then Rohan found a ball he liked and they all agreed to buy the same ( they can cooperate for the greater good) and maddi found the


I am impressed at how well they organised themselves and worked together to make Mother's day fantastic

Logan's woollie stash

This is Logan's woollie stash at the moment, I think I have enough longies now, but need a few more soakers as he is outgrowing these ones!

I have started a cabled jumper for Logan, my 1st cable jumper

This is a new jumper for Logan, It is expensive ($5.95 per ball, so close to $40 for a 18month olds jumper) but oh so nice Patons merino totem which is a nice fine 8 ply/dk.

New Cardi on needles for Bella

I have this almost done, The yarn is called zoomy and for good reason, it's superfast! Oh and it's PINK for girls

Sheepypants #7- am I addicted?

This is my latest pair of sheepy pants for Logan,

They are made in Jolly Jumbuck walker colourway on Nundle 12 ply base wool. You are getting all the pictures in 1 go as I have been unable to post due to major computer dramas which I really hope are all resolved.

Treasure from Canada

Hi all,

I received very exciting mail this week from my new friend Samm in Canada,

She sent me some lovely koolaid in lots of colours and also some great suoveniers for the children as well.

Thankyou so much Samm, I will post pictures when we get to do some dying so you can see our progress!