Thursday, 12 June 2008

I am NOT a monogamous knitter!

I have been working on a wrap/scarf from the yarn my darlings gave me for Mothers day this is what I managed with 1 ball, I think it will end up being about 130 cm long and about 40 wide pre blocking

I have also volunteered as a test knitter for the gorgeous Adorabubbles longies pattern custom spreadsheet.
Do you like the colours? Maddi and I dyed this a while ago

I am also occasionally plodding on the cabled jumper for Logan.

and I just cast on and started the February lady sweater.

Plus I have my secret swap knitting for Caron from an online forum I am working on as well as my "we've got you covered" swap pals knitting. No pictures of these-lol YOu never know whom might be peeking at ones blog you know!
I also want to do some more dying!
I need more hours in the day or at least for everyone to be well and happy!
Bella has her kidney problem back again and is in screaming agoony(She has finally passed out exhausted after strong pain killers prescribed by her Dr)

The hubster has been sick for a couple of days and I had to cancel a knitting meetup I was so looking forward too(so sorry Sharon!)
I evenhad to keep
the children home from swimming as I just couldn't do it all, and Logan is miserable I am not sure if he is sick or just everyone else being upset is unsettling him?
Oh what a long hard day!

Monday, 9 June 2008

KAL february lady sweater

I started a new project, a knit a long for a february lady sweater based on Elizabeth zimmermanns february baby sweater. So I have cast on and worked up to the 2nd buttonhole but now there appears to be a glitch with the pattern so we are all on hold whilst it is clarified :0)
I am knitting in a deep mossy green in Clinker which calls itself an 8 ply but works up at 18 stitches to 4 inches so I think that makes it a worsted-lol THis is a stash buster as I have way overspent on wool and no more was being spent for ANY project in the near future anyways! I am being good until the Bendigo wool show :0) Where I expect to be bad!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Brunswick guild expo- OOPs I shopped!

The hubster drove me into Brunswick last saturday so I could have a look see at the Handspinners and knitters guild expo, well I looked I saw, I bought!

Lucky I brought only limited cash with me or things could have been diabolical

There was the cascade 220 which I had never seen or touched in real life so I grabbed 2 skeins of that to have a play with!

Then there was Malabrigo in Just Taupe

and in

and some in Lettuce

and then there was the Andyle which is grown and fully produced including scouring in Victoria! Being a good GREEN consumer I had to buy this as it had the least MILES-lol

I got some in undyed for me to play with

and some in a gorgeous natural brown

and some supersoft Pear tree 4 ply merino in rosella

Knitting update

A new pair of longies for a nurse at the Royal Childrens Hospital who cared for Cassi after her last operation. These were a lot of fun to make as they are my 1st girly pair and my 1st small pair as I had only made soakers for Logan at this age.

These are sheepy pants in the newborn size with lettuce edging and a drawstring rib waistline in lilac with pink trim

Also my little cabled jumper for Logan has been languishing but I have now picked it up again!

Fabulous Fibre Fun Friday

My darling girls and I decided to have some dying fun on Friday and the results were fantastic! Alexander was very interested as well.

Maddi made 2 skeins, Cassi made 1 and I made 2 as well(well actually I just overdyed one of them)

We have a picture of Maddi and Alex holding them up to dry,

A picture of them all soaking in woolwash after dying

and a picture of them all laid out after they were finished

And a picture of them after being reskeined